about us

A two-level cottage house, fully furnished and equipped. Downstairs there is a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and observation deck. Upstairs, there are 3 double bedrooms, a dressing room, a bathroom, and an observation deck. There is a possibility to park the car on a fenced property. The house is located in Mościce Dolne (about 50 km from Biała Podlaska and 25km from Włodawa) in a picturesque Bug river village. You can find there peace, relaxation, and beautiful views. There is a bicycle trail nearby (called Green Velo); and many well-organized canoeing trips from Sławatycz to Jabłeczna. In the area you can find:
— the Monastery in Jabłeczna;
— the Synagogue in Włodawa;
— the Tatar cemetery in Studzianka;
— the Uniate church in Kostomłoty.

It is possible to rent the house all year round — it is equipped with a fireplace with a heat distribution function.

For more information, call +48 502-201-982